Emotional Listening Support

Feeling lost or alone? Confused or unsure about how to meet your needs?

Calling CONTACT Helpline will put you in touch with a volunteer, who will listen confidentially and without judgment to your concerns. Volunteers are not counselors, and won’t give advice, but have been highly trained in active listening. Calls generally last about 10 minutes since we are not counselors, but you are invited to call back should you want additional listening support.  We are happy to provide referrals to counselors who are able to work with on-going challenges.  Volunteer compassion and empathy can provide emotional support during difficult times.

One CONTACT volunteer recalled speaking with a person who was feeling hopeless. She says it was very ”gratifying to have made a difference and saved the life of someone in deep despair.” Other volunteers have commented that longtime callers have expressed their gratitude for simply “being there to listen to me.” Finding someone to listen over the phone is rare; most of us are more familiar with frustrating computer-automated response menus over the phone. The need for a live, human response has never been greater than it is today. Reaching out to connect with a CONTACT Helpline volunteer provides that benefit 24/7!

Information on Loneliness

One in five people suffer from loneliness.  Are you surprised to learn that about 20% of people are lonely?  At CONTACT Helpline, we know how about loneliness.  Every day callers reach out throughout our community to talk with one of our Helpline Specialists because they are lonely.

Loneliness is more than physically being alone, it is a state of mind.  You can be lonely in a crowded room.  Feeling lonely is a disconnection from the people around you when you really would prefer to be emotionally connected to them.  There are times in everyone’s lives when they want to be alone, but no one wants to feel the heart wrenching disconnection that comes with true loneliness.

Calling CONTACT Helpline, is a way to cope with dreadful loneliness.  A friendly warm and compassionate Helpline Specialist is waiting to talk with you.  Talk about anything, the weather, problems on the job, your feelings of loneliness and isolation.  It is a safe place to reach out and connect, connect with another person.


For emotional listening support 24 hours a day call

1-800-932-4616 (Toll Free)

717-652-4400 (Harrisburg Area)

717-249-6226 (Carlisle Area)

717-299-4855 (Lancaster Area)

Teen Line


Suicide Helpline


If this is an emergency please call you local crisis intervention:

Adams 1-866-325-0339 Or      717-637-7311

Cumberland 1-866-350-4357 Or 717-243-6005 (Holy Spirit) Or 717-763-2222 (Camp Hill)

Dauphin 1-888-596-4447 or   717-232-7511

Franklin 1-866-918-2555 Or   717-264-2555

Fulton 1-866-918-2555 or          1-800-841-3593

Huntingdon 1-800-929-9583

Juniata 1-800-929-9583

Lancaster 717-394-2631

Mifflin 1-800-929-9583

Perry 1-866-350-4357

York 717-851-5320