Our Services



CONTACT Helpline is a community partner offering many opportunities and services.

PA211 is south central Pennsylvania’s 24 hour comprehensive health and human service information and referral hotline.  Offering thousands of resource to community services, non-profits, medical services and government programs, the easy to remember 2-1-1 telephone number is the place to start when you have a concern or problem.  The caring Helpline Specialists will work with you to find the best community resources to address your problems.  Examples of reasons to call include rent payment assistance, heating fuel resources, counseling, drug and alcohol concerns, food and shelter.


Listening is a 24 hour hotline service that focuses on you and your need to connect with another person.  Callers reach out to talk about family issues, concern with community problems, work difficulties and to talk about their day.  There is a time in everyone’s life that they need someone to talk with that is not their family or friends.  CONTACT is able to listen when you need a compassionate, warm and caring person to be there.

CONTACT maintains the most comprehensive data library of health and human services for the region.  More than just the name of an agency and phone number, the data library has detailed information regarding programs offered, eligibility, fees, contact people and more.  Finding information to assist with a basic need can be extremely challenging, but CONTACT has made it much easier, either call 2-1-1 or visit the online data library at Https://pa211.communityos.org for assistance.

Active listening is the core skill used by all the Helpline Specialists working all our helplines.  Not only do we offer this valuable training to our staff, but can offer it to church organizations, employees and teachers.  The basics of active listening are helpful in all walks of life, with family, friend, and co-workers alike.  Learning solid listening skills is the key to successful leadership.

Volunteer Opportunities are available with CONTACT Helpline.  We offer a wide variety of options such as serving on the board of directors, being a Helpline Specialist, serving on a committee or helping with a special project like our yearly Gala.  There are different levels of training depending on the type of volunteer opportunity that will fit best with your lifestyle.  Serving as a Helpline Specialist requires the most training and commitment to work on the phones, and is the most rewarding as you will work directly with our callers every time you volunteer.

Internships are offered throughout the year depending on the demand and needs of the organization.  We have worked with many of the local colleges and universities such as Penn State, Temple, Shippensburg and Widener.  Generally, social work students, human service majors andpsychology students align well with the mission of CONTACT.

For more information on our 2-1-1 or emotional listening support services or volunteering with us please click on the links below.