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We are thrilled that you would like to work with CONTACT Helpline and be a part of the PA211 database.  Please tell us about your agency or non-profit.  If you would prefer to download and hand write the application, just click HERE.

Instructions for completing this registration form: Tab or mouse to the fields below and enter all applicable information. Complete a PROGRAM INFORMATION section for each program/service your organization offers. When complete go to FILE > Send > Email. Email as an attachment to If you have any questions about completing this registration form, please call the CONTACT Helpline business office @ 717 652-4987
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In addition to providing information about your organization’s services over the telephone. CONTACT Helpline disseminates information in printed directories and an online database. Many social service professionals and others use this information to refer their clients to your organization and programs. Please feel free to call us at 717 652-4987 if you have concerns or questions.
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